The Ensemble "Ricercata de Paris"

Since its creation by Alexandre Brussilovsky in 1993, Ensemble RICERCATA DE PARIS has performed extensively in France and other countries, becoming well known and receiving wide acclaim for its artistry and originality.

Ensemble RICERCATA DE PARIS collaborates on a regular basis with such famous soloists as Natalia GUTMAN, Eduard BRUNNER, KUN-WOO PAIK, Michel LETHIEC, Francoise POLLET, and the LINDSAY Quartet. The group participates in a number of festivals, including Sheffield Chamber Music Festival in Great Britain, Polynesian Music Festival, Newport Festival in California, Emerald Coast Festival in Dinard, Art et Musique en Montagne Festival, Les MusiCimes in Courchevel, and the Days of Music Festival in Cyprus... The ensemble has recorded famous works by TANEIEV, TCHAIKOVSKY, RACHMANINOV and ARENSKY (for the Suoni e Colori label), and complete chamber works by GLINKA as well as a disc of tribute to Dimitry SHOSTAKOVICH.

The ensemble RICERCATA DE PARIS unites young musicians of extremely high professional caliber. The personal musical accomplishments of each member allow Alexandre Brussilovsky to use them interchangeably in a chamber group, a duo, a trio, or quartet as well as individual soloists.

The configuration of the ensemble makes possible the great diversity in types of music being played at concerts: the same night one can hear a symphony, an octet, and a concerto. According to the needs of the program, other musicians collaborate with the RICERCATA DE PARIS.

Having created this ensemble, Alexandre Brussilovsky realized his long-time dream: "To live and to share with others a musical adventure in a creative complexity, to discover the profound originality of yesterday's and today's composers, and to put together in one vibration both sound and color, to communicate emotions ... this is a dream which is always alive in me". His ensemble and its artistic director set ambitious musical goals. They try to discover and present to the public works of forgotten composers or pieces that have been unjustly neglected. At the same time RICERCATA DE PARIS devotes its energetic enthusiasm to the classical repertoire. With the creation of this ensemble, Alexandre Brussilovsky hopes to revive the best tradition of chamber music to communicate directly with the audience. He tries to share his exquisite taste in art and music with his listeners.

As a leader of RICERCATA DE PARIS, Alexandre Brussilovsky has been receiving enthusiastic support from such great artists as Lord Yehudi MENUHIN, Natalia GUTMAN, Felix ANDRIEVSKY, Paolo FAZIOLI, Jean FRANCAIX, Gidon KREMER, and Etienne VATELOT.

What say the critics...

" It has to be stressed that this excellent ensemble is a joint effort of several members with the highest level of musicianship, who are impressive in everything from quartets to octets and play beautiful solos as well. Working simultaneously as an ensemble conductor, chamber player, and a soloist, Alexandre Brussilovsky is the corner stone of this remarkable group.

Michel LE NAOUR, Le Monde de la Musique

" The nine member RICERCATA lists an international roster and judging by this program, functions as a polished support for the strengths of BRUSSILOVSKY just as the Newport Series appears to exist largely to showcase the pianistic talents of LEVITSKY... partnered by the rhythmically persuasive Ricercata..."

Susan BLISS, Los Angeles Times

" The level of accomplishment this young ensemble demonstrates shows remarkable maturity. The success of this night was a tribute to Alexandre Brussilovsky as a tireless explorer of the original repertoire and to his incredible musicians..."

Michel LE NAOUR, Le Dauphiné Libéré

" Tune in - this hour will be dedicated to the Music Festival in Polynesia"

Alain DUAULT, TV Channel #3

" These sounds glisten like gems, you can discern irony and satire, tragedy and passion, tenderness and lyricism... The lovely tunes are brilliantly performed by this ensemble, and its name The RICERCATA DE PARIS should be remembered."

Alain FERON, Le Monde de la Musique

"This was a great opportunity to appreciate the ensemble RICERCATA DE PARIS, its noble sounding strings with chords so supple..."

Florian DROUET, Le Dauphiné Libéré